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I guarantee live arrival only.  What that means is that the frag will be alive when you get it.  If your frag is bone white, if the water is cloudy, if the flesh is peeling off the skeleton, the frag is probably dead.

If the polyps are not extended, you notice a bare spot on the frag, the frag is broken into two or more pieces, or the frag is not showing full color, that does not mean that it is dead.

Sometimes in my crowded frag tank a frag may touch its neighbor and be stung.  This may result in a small bare spot on the frag.  It should recover from this and be fine.  It's not dead.

Shipping is very stressful to frags.  This may result in them not displaying their full color or extending their polyps for a day or so (or maybe a week or so).  It's not dead.

Sometimes during shipping a frag may be broken into more than one piece.  It's not dead.  You can glue each of these broken pieces to a piece of rubble or another frag plug and they will grow into a separate colony.

You will notice a dead frag when you get it.  That's the time to take a picture of it and send it to me.  I will refund you for a dead frag if you report it to me within two hours of receiving your frag pack.

Once you receive your frags and place them in your tank(s), I have no control of them.

I don't guarantee them to still be alive in a week.

I don't guarantee them to still be alive the next morning.

I don't guarantee them to still be alive later that night.

If your package is being held for pickup at FedEx because of cold weather, don't wait until evening to go get it.  Some FedEx holding facilities are heated and some are not.  If it sits in a cold warehouse all day that defeats the purpose of having it held.

If you don't understand all of this or you disagree with it please don't order my frags.  I sell healthy frags that I have grown in my tanks.  I take great care in packing and shipping your frags so they will arrive in good condition.  On a very, very few occasions a frag will be dead on arrival.  When I get immediate notice of this I issue a PayPal refund.

Now, if you would like a 14 day guarantee I would refer you to places like www.liveaquaria.com.  They will take a wild colony, chop it up, and sell a piece of Montipora capricornis for $50 or Montipora digitata for $35 and guarantee it for 14 days.  Click on that link and see for yourself if you don't believe me.  Before you pay them that much, send me an email.  I might just match their offer!

Hot or Cold Weather Shipping

See the Shipping page for special shipping requirements.

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