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I'm a retired computer analyst and my wife M@ry Ruth is retired from civil service.  Back in 1999 we started a couple of reef tanks, a 190 gallon and a 225 gallon.  We made a few newbie mistakes (a couple that resulted in water on the floor) but we worked through them and learned some valuable lessons.  As time went on we accumulated quite a few corals with mixed success.  After a year or so we were attracted to the beauty of SPS corals and began to slowly remove the "softies" to have places to put newly acquired SPS corals.  The more we watched them grow, the more we were impressed with their beauty and decided that this was the direction we wanted to go.

Since that time we have been slowly "culling" corals that looked "blah" and displayed the common brown colors that are often seen from frags that are grown from wild collected coral.  We were interested in acquiring only the most colorful and hardy corals available.  A very few of our first specimens came from commercial vendors and LFSs, but the vast majority came from fellow hobbyists such as you and I who had successfully propagated corals from frags to healthy mature colonies.

At about the same time as many of our coral colonies began to mature, we were impressed with the plight of the world's coral reefs.  We learned of the alarming impact that unregulated collection of "wild corals" has on an otherwise healthily coral reef.  We realized that we might be able to make a contribution that would ease the burden on the world's coral reefs.  It was at that point that we began to learn how to "frag" corals.  At first we shared with local hobbyists that we had met through our local reef club.  We were very pleased when we saw others achieve the same success that we have enjoyed with our coral frags.

In 2007 we realized that our colonies had grown to the point that they had begun to touch each other, sting each other, and shade out some of their neighbors.  It was at that point that we decided to attempt to ship coral frags to other hobbyists.  I took some pictures of the corals and put a post on a well known public Internet reef site.  The response was very good and the shipping also went well.  Since that time we have successfully shipped "frag packs" to 48 states in all types of weather.

We're not running a "frag factory".  We don't cut up wild corals and glue them to a rock.  We have grown all of our corals from tiny pieces to the size that you will see here.  This is not even a "mom and pop" business, it is a hobby gone "out of control"; but we enjoy every minute of it.  We invite you to take a look at what we have to offer.  Maybe you will find something that you like.  If you do, we'll send a "frag pack" to your doorstep!


H@rry and M@ry Ruth

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