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OK Folks, the time has come.

I started all this foolishness back in 1999. I have none of the tanks that I started with but I settled down on an arrangement that is easier to maintain and works for me. I've tweaked the equipment and built several DIY projects that simplified and automated many of the tasks associated with reefing.

This started off as a hobby. I never did consider it a business but a hobby gone out of control. I enjoyed every minute of it to start with but now a lot of joy has gone out of it. I still do my best to keep up with everything but I have to face the facts. I'm 80 years old. A 5 gallon bucket of water is heavier than it use to be. Getting down on my knees and getting back up is harder than it used to be.

Yep, the time has come. If I choke on a chicken bone or a dump truck runs over me M@ry Ruth wouldn't know how to keep all this stuff up and wouldn't be able to it she wanted to.

I need to pass all this on to someone younger than me who has the passion and ambition that I once had. This is a ready made coral farm. Anyone who does not want to "farm" coral can make this into a spectacular reef setup.

I'm located in Huntsville, AL. Come get it. You move it.


Here's what you get

Qty Equipment
2 180 Gallon Tank
1 120 Gallon Tank
2 180 Stand and Hood
1 120 Stand and Hood
1 100 Gallon Sump
1 Sequence 4200SEQ12 Return Pump
2 Protien Skimmers
1 Dual Chamber Calcium Reactor
1 GFO Reactor
1 Carbon Reactor
6 Radian XR15 LED Lights
4 2 x 2 DIY Cree LED Lights
40 LED Fans
6 Hood Fans
13 MJ1200 Powerheads
11 Servos for Powerheads
1 Controler for Servos/Powerheads
1 20# CO2 Tank
1 CO2 Regulator
2 Auto Topoff Pumps
1 Arduino Based Controller
  Real Time Clock
  Controls DIY LEDs
  (On/Off time, ramp time, max intensity)
  Maintains constant pH in Calcium Reactor 
  Monitors Water temp to regulate hood fans, sump fan, and heaters
  Monitors Water level in sump to control Auto Top Off

Qty Fish
1 Angel, Bicolor
1 Angel, Coral Beauty
1 Angel, Halfblack
2 Anthias, Lyretail
8 Basslet, Royal Gramma
1 Blenny, Molly Miller
1 Blenny, Scooter
1 Cardinal, Banggai
1 Clown, Clarkii
2 Clown, Goldstripe Maroon
1 Clown, ocellaris
2 Damsel, Azure
3 Damsel, Blue
1 Damsel, Lemon
3 Damsel, Springeri
2 Damsel, Talbot
1 Damsel, Ternate
7 Damsel, Yellowtail
2 Dragonette, Green Manderin 
4 Goby, Engineer
1 Goby, Neon
1 Tang, Doctorfish
1 Tang, Orange Stripe Bristletooth
1 Tang, Naso
1 Tang, Powder Blue
1 Tang, Regal Blue
1 Tang, Scopas
2 Tang, Tomini
3 Tang, Yellow

Qty Coral
1 38 Special
2 AA Chameleon
1 Alabama Bonsai
1 Armor of God
1 ATL Red cythera
1 ATL Shades of Fall
1 Aussie efflo
1 Autumn Leaves
1 Bam Bam
1 BC Blueberry nasuta
1 BC Dragonfly
1 BC Firecracker Table
1 BC Orange Crush
1 BC 'Thurman's Rainbow" nasuta
1 BC Ultimate soli
1 BC Ultimate Table
1 Blue Polyp M. cap.
1 Blue Stag
1 Boss Hog Chalice
1 Bubba Gump
1 Butterscotch Favia
1 Candy Mountain Favia
1 Castell's Banana Table
1 CC Dark Knight
1 CC Voodoo Majick
2 Copp's Calacali Stag
1 Cotton Candy Stylo
1 Eagle Eye
1 Fine Tentacle Frogspawn
1 Firestone Chalice
1 GC Acroberry
1 Goldfinger Bird Nest
1 Granny Smith
1 Green Duncan
1 Green Galaxy
1 Green Plate
1 Greenpeace
1 Greg Carroll Ultimate efflo
1 Greg Hiller Aqua Delight
1 H@rry's Purple valida
1 Jedi Mind Trick M.
2 JF Bonsai
1 JF Raspberry Cheesecake
1 JF Serial Killer
1 JF Sour Twist
1 JKR Rainbow
1 Joker's Bonsai
1 M. setosa
1 M. spongodes
1 M@ry Ruth's Bonsai
1 Matt's Surprise
1 Milka Stylo
1 Nuclear Green
1 ORA Cali Tort
2 ORA Miami Orchid
1 ORA Pearlberry
1 ORA Pink Bird Nest
1 ORA Plum Crazy
1 Oregon Tort
1 PC Rainbow
1 Pink Lace Bird Nest
1 Pink Mink Chalice
1 Ponape Bird Nest
1 Purple Haze M.
1 Purple Rain
2 Purple Slimer
1 Rainbow Stylo
1 Ricordia
1 RMF Red Devil nasuta
3 RR Pink Cadillac
1 Skittles
1 Sugarfoot
2 TCK Pickachu
1 Tri Color vallida
1 TSA Bill Murray
1 TSA Dan Aykroyd
1 TSA Fruity Pebbles
2 TSA Grape Ape
1 TSA Optimus Prime
1 Tyree Blue Matrix
1 Tyree Bubblegum Monster
1 Tyree Pink Lemonade
1 Tyree Ponape Rainbow
1 Tyree Rainbow M.
1 Vampire Paly
1 Victoria's Secret Stylo
1 Vivid's Rainbow Delight
1 WWC LA Lakers Chalice
1 WWC Twig n Berries
500 - 600 # Live Rock

These three tanks are in a horseshoe pattern with a 180 on one side, another 180 on the end, and a 120 on the other side

This is one "corner" of the horseshoe

This is the other "corner" of the horseshoe

These show the canopies open to the lights and cabinet doors open

Here are the canopies open showing the lighting

For the videos below, make sure your sound is on

Thanx for Looking. harry@harrysfrags.com

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