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H@rry's Coral Juice

Astrea Snails
This is a proprietary blend of natural/organic ingredients shown to be beneficial to coral health.

For some time now I have had the ambition to try to develop a coral additive to enhance my coral growth and color.  After a lot of reading I decided to try.  I experimented with a lot of different ingredients, some with no results and some that showed improvement.  The first achievement was improved growth.  I was happy with that but I still needed more results in obtaining improved coloration.  That was the real challenge.  It took a great deal of time with trial and error until I could see some definite improvement.  I used different ingredients at different ratios until I was satisfied with the results.

Aids in the growth and coloration of coral

Promotes healing in damaged or stressed coral and freshly cut frags.

Encourages growth of beneficial sponges.

This is not an instant cure.  It will be several weeks before you notice an improvement as the coral needs time to absorb the nutrients and respond to them.

Dosage:  1 ml per 20 gallons of water daily.

12 ounces - $30 (Counts as 1 frag for free shipping)

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