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Coral Colonies

From time to time I have requests for larger pieces of coral or mini-colonies.  I don't have experience in shipping large pieces of coral (and don't want to try).  The bag would very likely arrive as a bag of frags and would probably be leaking from all the sharp points thrown around by FedEx in the process.  Also, the amount of water necessary to ship a colony would weigh so much that the shipping charges would be more than the cost of the colony.

I can offer most of my mother colonies for sale for pickup in Huntsville, AL (no shipping).   This is for those who want an impressive centerpiece for their tank.  The prices would range from $75 up. If you would be interested in coming here to buy a colony, let me know what you want and I'll send pictures and quote you a price.  SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!

Bring your own bucket!

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